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EARN 1 FREE CE POINT! Welcome To This Course On The Heating and Burns in MRI To earn 1 category A CE point, watch the video below and continue to the quiz. Upon completion of the quiz, you will receive a certificate for 1 CE point. To receive the CE point, you need to register […]

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MRSO Q & A Session

Review: August 20, 2019 7p-8p CDT: (Only Available to Members)-(Invites will be sent out a week or two prior)

Live MRSO Exam

Review: November 2, 2019 10am-12pm CDT(Only Available To Members)- (Invites will be sent out a week or two prior)

Passed Events

Passed Events

Live MRSO Exam Review: June 1, 10am-12pm CDT(Only Available To Members) 

Live MRSO Exam Review: March 22, 7pm-9pm CDT(Only Available To Members)
Live MRSO Game Show: February 21, 6pm-7pm CDT 
Live MRSO Exam Review: October 27, 10am-12pm CDT: (Only Available To Members)
Live Interactive MR Safety Game Show: August 21, 2018 7pm-9pm Central
MRSO Exam Review: August 25, 2018 10am-12pm Central(Only Available To Member)

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