The Ultimate MR Safety Package

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If you want to gain a complete scope of knowledge from clinical MR safety to research and advanced physics, this is the course for you.

We have combined our #1 MRSO Prep Education course and our new MRSE Prep Education course to maximize your MR safety knowledge.

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The Ultimate MR Safety Package

Everything MR Safety

The one course that covers it all!

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Created By Certified MRSO's and MRSE's

All tests and content are created by certified MR safety officers and MR safety expert.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our course will help you pass your MRSO/MRSE exam that we are the ONLY company that can offer this.

Basic Physics

Time-Varying Gradient Field


Guidance Document

Magnetic Field

Time-Varying RF Field


Implanted Devices

Everything You Need To Know and More!

Get Prepared For Your ABMRS Exam



How long do I get access to all your courses?

You will have access to all your courses for 1 year from purchase date. We also offer discounts for course renewals.

Can I purchase without a PayPal account?

Of course you can. Follow this link to get instructions.


Will this prepare me for my ABMRS Exam?

We definitely claim that our courses focus on the information you need to know for taking any certification. We have created amazing courses covering everything you need to know when sitting for you any of your exams. Our statistics show how successful our courses are. We are responsible for 600+ certified MRSO!


Do you offer any coupons or discounts?

We do offer a loyalty program for all our members. After becoming a member, you will earn Advantage Points for accomplishing milestones in educational achievements. These points can be used as money to redeem courses. All you need to have enough points to unlock the course and it is yours FOR FREE. You can also use points to purchase large discounts on higher cost courses.


Are there additional fees after registering?

There are no fees after registering for you course. What you pay for is what you get. In fact, you also get opportunities to earn free material because of an extensive loyalty program.

Is this course an online course or do I get something mailed to me?

All our courses are taking online. None of our material is mailed to you. You can however print any of your documents found on your dashboard under the Documents tab.



How long have you been preparing professionals for their boards?

RITE Advantage has been around for over 10+ years. We have a portion of our company as a B2B MRI education portal and we are moving all these products to the public over the next few years. We have provided MRI training for 10 years and MRSO Preparation for almost 3 years. Over that time, we have an amazing success rate and are responsible for over 600 certified MRSO worldwide.


Are there any stipulation to your money-back guarantee?

There is only two stipulations. One is that the course you are taking is eligible for the money-back guarantee. The courses eligible are MRI Prep and MRSO Prep. The second stipulation is you must complete and pass all the content provided.

If you meet these conditions and do not pass your exam, we will refund all of the money you paid for your course no questions ask and no additional fees. To this point, we have not had to give any refunds on any of our products

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