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Welcome to MRSO Prep!

This product is the #1 educational resource for MR safety and will provide comprehensive information. All the items required by the American Board of MR Safety are covered in this program.

If you are attempting the ABMRS MRSO exam or just looking to be safer in the field, MRSO Prep will be able to provide you with the best training out there.

Don’t wait, join us today!

Welcome to the only tool you need to gain the knowledge of an MR safety officer. Whether you are wanted to become a certified MRSO or just want to gain more knowledge on the topic, this product will give you what you are looking for.

MRSO Prep is the only online comprehensive program that is focused on preparing you for your MRSO exam.

If covers:

-Static magnetic field risks
-Artifacts and magnetic susceptibility
-Time-varying gradient field risks
-Time-varying RF field risks
-Cryogen safety
-Gadolinium safety
-Guidelines and Best Practices

It also covers EVERYTHING found on the American Board of MR Safety Syllabus!

This program is worth 14 CE category A points towards your ARRT biannual requirements. It presents information in the following forms:

-76 Mini-Interactive Courses
-100-Page Digital (Printable) MRSO Manual
-50-Page Digital (Printable) MRSO Formulas and Conversion Document
-4-Practice Exams and 1 Mock Exam
-and Much More!

Start you program today and gain the confidence you need to become a master of MR safety!


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