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Welcome to your MR Safety Expert Training!

Are you already an MRSO and want to try and pass your MRSE exam or are you a physicist at your site seeking certification as an MR Safety Expert?

Then this course is the right one for you.

This course covers everything you need to know for your MRSE exam and will help you achieve MRSE certification.



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Like Us!

Welcome to your MR Safety Expert Training!

Are you already an MRSO and want to try and pass your MRSE exam or are you a physicist at your site seeking certification as an MR Safety Expert?

Then this course is the right one for you.

This course covers everything you need to know for your MRSE exam and will help you achieve MRSE certification.


MRSE Prep is an advance course with focuses on MR safety and will take an in depth look at the physics, chemistry, and biology of MR safety. This course will provide the knowledge needed to provide a more thorough explanation of difficult concepts as well as provide help passing the very challenging ABMRS MRSE exam.

It is important to note that although this course will provide the information and knowledge necessary to pass your MRSE exam, the level of understanding of concepts however is dependent on the users knowledge on physics, chemistry, and biology going into this course.

MRSE Prep provides 11 Category A CEU ARRT.

The course is broken down into the following:

  • Part 1Introduction and Review
  • Part 2Magnetism
  • Part 3Time-Varying Magnetic Fields
  • Part 4: Organizations Supporting MR Safety
  • Part 5Manufacture Information and Implanted Devices

Lessons are taught using:

  • 20+ Interactive Lessons
    • These are mini lessons that dive deep into challenging topics
  • Hours of MR Safety Videos
    • These videos provide MR safety knowledge and can be watch as many times as you wish.
  • Documents
    • 700+ page lecture note document is provided
  • 3 Full Length Practice Exams
    • These exams provide explanations after every question to enforce learning.
  • 1 Full Length Mock Exam
    • This exam is a simulated ABMRS MRSE exam.

If you are ready to take your understanding of MR safety to a new level, MRSE Prep is your #1 choice.

The #1 MR Safety Expert Training Course Online.


MRSO Prep is serious about building a community. Once a member, you can friend other individuals studying for their exam or ask others questions. You can also join study groups or ask questions in forums.

Bite-Size Lessons

MRSO Prep contains 76 bite size lessons that provide all the necessary information and more. Each lesson contains interactive content that allows you to work on a difficult topic until you gain an understanding of it.

Category A CE

Upon completing the objects contained in the Learning Module, you will earn 14 CE points. This is all included in the price.

Practice Exams

MRSO Prep contains 4 practice exams. These exams follow the same expectation as the MRSO exam. However, if you answer the question wrong, a solution will be presented explaining more about the question and answer set.

Additional Content

MRSO Prep is part of the RITE Advantage team. This means that all members have access to the RITE Advantage library of MRI courses. These courses contain both audio courses made for professionals on the go, as well as video for those visual learners. Each course has an associated CE objective.


The MRSO prep course provides two books for a limited time. The first book called "MR Safety Officer Manual" provides 100 pages of vital content for MR safety officers. The second book called "MRSO units and conversions" provides 50 pages of important information about units and conversions expected of you to understand. Both documents are printable.

Responsive Design

Now you can take MRSO Prep on the go and gain access to all our content on your phone, tablet, or computer/laptop. MRSO Prep is 100% responsive to iOS and Android devices.

Mock Exams

This exam mimics the MRSO exam exactly. It will time you and provide the same question types, as well as the same amount of questions


As a member, you have access to an army of certified MR safety officers working in the field. You can now ask your questions and know that your answers will be given to you by individuals who were once in your shoes and now have mastered the content found in this course.



As a member, you will  be invited to multiple MRSO Review webinars for FREE! These 2 hour live presentations provide you with large amounts of information and opportunities for Q&A.


To reward our members for their hard work and dedication to RITE Advantage, we provide Advantage Points. These can be earned in many different ways.  These points can be used as money on our site. As long as you have enough points to cover the course, it is yours for FREE!


RITE Advantage MRSO Prep is so confident that you will pass your MRSO exam that we offer a full money-back guarantee for the MRSO Prep product. This means that if you complete the entire course and meet all the objectives and do not pass your MRSO exam, you get every penny you spent on MRSO Prep back. No questions asked!

No other company has enough confidence in their product to offer this guarantee.

What do you have to loose?

1-Year Membership


In order to grow as an MRSO, community is very important. As a member, you get your own profile page and wall. You can post to your wall or friends’ walls.

Groups and forums allow you to share knowledge and experience, helping everyone grow as MR safety officers.



In order to test your knowledge, MRSO Prep offers a number of practice exams and mock exams. Each practice exam gives you solutions that explain the question and answer to you. Each one of these exams provide 100 questions with 3 hours to complete, and the same question types you will see on you MRSO exam. Comprehensive reporting helps you review you progress.


Your MRSO prep course contains educational topics and lessons. Each topic represents a component of MR safety that is required to have a full scope of knowledge (The Static Magnetic Field, The Gradient Magnetic Field, The RF Field, etc…). Each one of these topics contain bite size lessons that explain pieces of this topic (Thermoregulatory System, Burn Management, Bioeffects of the Gradient Fields, etc…). Each lesson contains an interactive lesson that contains drag and drop activities, click on informational content, visual animation, and much more.


As a member, you earn Advantage Points by completing lessons and courses as well as sharing knowledge with other members. These points can be used as currency to purchase courses for your own personal portal. This means that you can gain access to other MRI courses for FREE!


Can I purchase without a PayPal account?

Of course you can. Follow this link to get instructions.

How long do I get access to all your courses?

You will have access to all your courses for 1 year from purchase date. We also offer discounts for course renewals.

Are there additional fees after registering?

There are no fees after registering for you course. What you pay for is what you get. In fact, you also get opportunities to earn free material because of an extensive loyalty program.

Will this prepare me for my ABMRS Exam?

We definitely claim that our courses focus on the information you need to know for taking any certification. We have created amazing courses covering everything you need to know when sitting for you any of your exams.

Is this course an online course or do I get something mailed to me?

All our courses are taking online. None of our material is mailed to you. You can however print any of your documents found on your dashboard under the Documents tab.

Do you offer any coupons or discounts?

We do offer a loyalty program for all our members. After becoming a member, you will earn Advantage Points for accomplishing milestones in educational achievements. These points can be used as money to redeem courses. All you need to have enough points to unlock the course and it is yours FOR FREE. You can also use points to purchase large discounts on higher cost courses.

How long have you been preparing professionals for their boards?

RITE Advantage has been around for over 10+ years. We have a portion of our company as a B2B MRI education portal and we are moving all these products to the public over the next few years. 

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    I appreciate the training and responses to my questions. I think you are on the right track with this and hope you can continue flushing out the material. I will recommend this training to others planning to take the mrse exam.

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