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Welcome to MR Medical Director Prep PLUS

This course is designed as an add-on course to the MRMD Prep course. It contains additional presentations, a summary document, a 4 hour video compilation, and an additional mock exam.



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MRMD Prep Plus +

Take Your Training To The Next Level!

The Add-on Course for MRMD Prep Education


Concept Training

Take your knowledge and expand it with multiple interactive activities


Streamline Education

Reviews the concepts you need to know without drawn out content.


Knowledge Testing

Do you know your stuff? This course multiple ways to test what you know.

Course Includes:

Printable Lessons
Review topics in a different way with 9 mini-lessons.
Complication Video
Watch all the videos found in the MRMD Prep uninterrupted.
Mock Exam
Take a full length mock exam to further test your knowledge.
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MRMD Prep Plus

The MRSO Prep Add-on Course
$ 89
  • Printable Lessons
  • Interactive Games
  • Video Lessons
  • Mock Exam

2 reviews for MRMD Prep PLUS | Addon Course

  1. swachchhanda (RITE Advantage)

    usConnecticut, United States

    Great resource. Lots of information and more importantly presented in video format and animations- so much pleasant experience. So much affordable and I have access for full one year. And most importantly got me through the MRMD exam successfully. I can not thank Rite Advantage enough for this awesome resource.

  2. Terri (RITE Advantage)

    Would love a course about scanning specific and the most common implants. . Reviewing conditions and what can be safely scanned with them

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