Image Optimization: Advanced MRI 2021

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Welcome To The Course That Will Change You As An MRI Technologist

This course is an advanced course on optimizing your image. Anyone can press buttons to get an image. Many people can change parameters and build protocols. Not many individuals can create art in their images.

What are we taking about?

We are describing the ability to enhance pathology and our image contrast. We are also describing the deep understanding of the cause and effect of changing parameters.

Like Us!


Like Us!

MRI Optimization Online Course 2020

The Course That Will Change You As An MRI Technologist

Learn Tricks and Skill You Can Apply Right Away!

Is This Vendor Specific? NOT AT ALL!

All techniques are based on concepts and generic parameters.

This advanced course on optimizing your image can take you from good to GREAT!

What are we talking about?

We are describing the ability to enhance pathology and our image contrast. Learn a deeper understanding of the CAUSE and EFFECT of changing parameters.


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12 Category A CE Point

This course is recognized by the ARRT for 12 CE point.

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Understand what controls resolution and how to get the most out of your image.

It is not all about just increasing your image matrix, or decreasing your FOV. It is all about balance!


SNR will demonstrate what our true image quality can demonstrate. Identify the best ways to optimize SNR.


CNR represented perceived quality in our image. Is our image poor because of the patient or is it because of what we have done with our parameters.

Scan Time

Identify parameters that influence scan time and see what your image will look like as a result of using them.

Image Contrast

Image contrast is everything when identifying pathology. Learn common mistakes as well as ways to enhance your image.

Special Consideration

Contrast media changes the rules of imaging. Learn how to troubleshoot and enhance your image.

Don't settle for just being an MRI technologist.


Popular Features

Ton Of Mini-Lessons

Mini-lessons that cover everything from optimizing your image contrast to implementing imaging tricks. Take your time absorbing information at your own pace.

Interactive Learning

You will be tested in unique ways to help you retain these difficult concepts. Drag and drop, click on the picture, and more types of activities will prepare you to be the best.

Situational Examples

Experience real situations that anyone can run into and see how to properly approach them.

12 Category A CE Points

Upon completion of the Education Modules you will earn 12 continued education points. These points are approved by the AHRA and recognized by the ARRT. 

I learned so much from this course. The last chapter on special considerations explained how contrast media can actually allow me to optimize image contrast even more. Very interesting!

Richard Bell


I loved the information on receiving bandwidth. I always though that my patient was breathing during my single shot FSE T2. It turns out that my lead built the protocol wrong.

James Fowler

New Mexico

MRI Optimization

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