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Whether you are starting MRI cardiac imaging or just need a refresher. This product is for you.

All get 15 CE points!

It will provide you with all the anatomy and physiological processes that will give you a great understanding and firm base for you learning. It will then provide you with the views used in CMR so that you can thrive and function in most situations.

Your training will then be taken to a new level with lessons involving the physics, technical factors, pulse sequences, image optimization, and more. When you can function like a cardiac MR pro, the next part of the course will give you the pathological considerations to impress your physicians.

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Welcome to Cardiac MRI Training Course.

This cardiac MRI course will give you the tools to be an excellent cardiac MR technologist. When studying to be an MR technologist, we can quickly notice that it is very different than conventional MRI. The level of knowledge expected of us, anatomical challenges, pathological considerations, the number of views, and parameter obstacles can cause us to struggle with this study. The current idea that only experienced, high-level MRI technologists can perform this study has discouraged many technologists from pursuing this challenging yet rewarding path.

This course is designed to take any technologist and give them the knowledge and experience to form a solid based to build your cardiac MR skills on then takes it further to give you tools to handle many of the obstacles and pathological considerations to thrive.

MR Technologist Course Structure

Anatomy and Physiology: This section will provide all the important anatomical structures needed to get started with CMR. The physiological portion of this topic will cover the concepts of heart function and what it means to CMR.

Landmarks and Planning: This section provides information on the most common views used in MRI and how to plan them. View such as the 2-chamber, 3-chamber, 4-chamber, short axis, LVOT, and RVOT is approached from a logical and easy to follow direction so that learning can not only take place but can be retained. Anatomy is consistently provided so that we can have a 3D understanding of the heart.

Technical and Procedural Considerations: This section will provide the parameters and pulse sequences used in CMR. It will expand and not only introduce and explain technical considerations, but it will also expand on when to use this technique. It will explain common sequences run and why we need them. Flow imaging is covered in depth and provides you with information on how to improve images. Finally, we will discuss the parameters in CMR and how to tackle challenging situations. What if a patient has an arrhythmia or we need to speed up our scan? How do we optimize our temporal resolution and improve our image contrast? What pulse sequence show I choose for different situation and field strengths? These will all be discussed in this section.

Cardiac MR Pathology: This section will discuss the most common pathology seen in CMR. It will explain how to identify these issues and give us ideas on how to better demonstrate pathology.  Different types of non-ischemic cardiomyopathy will be discussed, as well as ischemic patterns and how to identify them will be explained. Congenital diseases of the heart such as ARVC and hemochromatosis, and more will be discussed. Also, heart diseases like myocarditis, pericarditis, and more will be discussed.

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Vector illustration of heart healthy and diseased

Whether you are a new professional to CMR or been out of it for a bit and need a refresher, this course has a lot to offer you.

When participating in this course, you will notice that this course is very different than any other course you have ever taken. It not only gives you the information you need to succeed, but it also secures the knowledge in the way that only RITE Advantage does. Interactive lessons provide expertise and challenge your thought process and retention of knowledge.

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  1. Sean (verified owner)

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  2. Anna Kasprzyk (verified owner)

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    Very informative, easy explanation, straight to the point what we need to know. I really enjoy this course. Definitely will be back for more

  3. Kariann (verified owner)

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    I have not done the course yet. Is there a time limit. I would still like to do the course

  4. Stefani (verified owner)

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    Very thorough and helpful. Easy to understand. Great way to start to learn cardiac MRI.

  5. Debbie (verified owner)

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    Matt’s program ( still beginning it) had been awesome

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