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You will learn how to address the struggles of getting good signal for ECG triggering and how to design a good protocol to save time. Learning how to optimize resolution, shorten scan time, and handle tricky artifacts associated with cardiac MRI will be discussed. Also, we will discuss situations that require unique views and these will be explained. Finally, we will discuss medical implants associated with the heart and how to handle them from an MRI safety perspective.

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Advanced Cardiac MRI Online Training

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Tips For Prepping Your Patient

Views To You Use For Rare Pathological Processes

Improve Resolution, Shorten Scan Time, and More

Learn About Heart Devices and How to Handle Them

Patient Prep and Protocols

Overcoming struggles with obtaining signal good cardiac signal. Designing protocols to speed up scanning.

Technical and Procedural Considerations

Get optimal resolution in reasonable scan time. Promote the best image contrast to represent pathology

New Views

Imaging septal defect, pulmonary arteries and more.

MRI Safety

Discuss different types of heart devices and how to handle them.

Take Your Skills Beyond

Be A Better Cardiac MR Technologist


Popular Features

Some Of The Topics Covered In This Course

  • 3 lead placement
  • 4 lead placement
  • ECG pathology
  • Cardiac trigger tips
  • Protocol optimization
  • Pathological process
  • Scanning types for pathological processes
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Ischemia
  • Temporal resolution
  • Scan time
  • Resolution
  • Image contrast
  • Carotid artery imaging
  • Pulmonary artery imaging
  • Septal defect imaging
  • Pacemaker
  • Heart valve
  • Ventricular bypass assist device
  • Compensating for susceptibility
  • Overcoming arrhythmias
  • Stress/Rest imaging
  • Regions and territories

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