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  • Tom

    Hi Matt, I liked the program. Very informative. I feel like I’m ready for the MRSO exam next week. I think you have done a great job compiling the information and presented it well.

  • Carrie Dore, California

    Very pleased with MRSO Prep. I believe it is the reason I passed the exam. While the conference I attended was very good, the prep course allowed me to review information multiple times.

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    When I decided to take the MRSO exam, I wanted to be properly prepared to face the challenge. I chose Rite Advantage and very happy that I did. It had been many years since taking the MRI certification exam so I was a little rusty. After reviewing all the modules and taking the exams in MRSO Prep for a month, I felt confident to sit for the certification. I passed the MRSO exam in July 2017.  Thank you for providing this tool.

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    Yes.  Your prep course actually helped me to pass the MRSE exam

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    I have passed on this course to several MRI professional that are preparing for the MRSO exam. The course doesn’t just help you with the exam. It also helps evaluate day to day operations. 

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    I was unable to attend any of the MRSO Training seminars and opted to use the MRSO Prep to help study for my examination.  MRSO Prep was informative and one of the main reasons I was able to pass.  Would highly recommend as a supplement to studying the ACR white papers!!

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    “I don’t believe I would have passed the MRSO exam without taking the Rite Advantage course.  Studying before going to Dr. Kanal’s  MRI safety seminar helped me get so much more out of the seminar!  The seminar alone was not sufficient, in my opinion, to prepare me for the MRSO exam.  It is a large amount of information to try to absorb in only 3 days. “

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    “The RITE Advantage MRSO Prep was key to my success in understanding the concepts to pass the MRSO Exam. The content was thorough, organized in a convenient manner, and offered me the opportunity to review both by reading materials and video. The practice and mock exams were outstanding for pacing myself at answering exam questions and allowed me to review my questions with incorrect answers. I loved the opportunity to retake any of the exams as many times as I needed!  I would recommend RITE Advantage MRSO prep to anyone searching for study guides to pass the MRSO exam.”

  • Christine McHenery, Australia

    Excellent tool. Helped prepare for multi choice style examination with the tests and mock exams. Recommend it to anyone

  • Shirley Henderson

    “I felt like the MRSO prep course outlined every topic specifically making it easier to study and understand. The tests and mock exams helped gauge my learning throughout my studying to help me identify areas of weakness.  I am positive my passing was with the expertise of the MRSO prep course!”

  • LUCIA MADRIGAL, California

    “RITE Advantage was a huge help in preparing for the MRSO examination. It really goes into detail about implants and everything that can affect an implant. You are able to practice from the comfort of your home. Whenever I had a question, I could always email Matt and he would get back to me in a timely manner. Loved the course. I think I will continue to use it just so I don’t lose my skills. Thank you Matt.”

  • Mike Grimmett

    I can undoubtedly say that I would not have passed the MRSO certification exam without the knowledge gained from MRSO prep. That coupled with Dr. Kanals seminar is what I credit passing.
    I appreciate your website and will pass it on to other Techs who are interested in getting their MRSO certification

  • Shuqin Zhang, Virginia

    I have completed the MRSO Prep and am going to take the MRSO exam in two months. I love this course. Which is well organized and contains much more information than I expected. I understand MR deeply after this study and it gives me a huge help in my daily work. Highly recommended!!

  • Amanda Abbot, Auckland

    I’m studying from New Zealand and I’m hoping that we can introduce the MRS role. In the meantime the MRS prep is allowing me to fulfill the role unofficially in a more efficient way. The course is easy to follow and explains relevant issues in an easy to understand way. I wish I’d found this website years ago!

  • Ana Cristina Ugarte-Quinn, Pennsylvania

    I was pleased that I could study at my own pace.
    The prep course was relevant to the material that was on the MRSO examination. I was confident with the knowledge that I gained at the end of the course.

  • Sheila Rowlands, Australia

    Passed MRSO with help of MRSO prep

  • Thomas Rotunda

    I passed! Your information was extremely helpful and spot-on. I don’t think I would have passed without it. As you know, Dr. Kanal does not teach the exam, but the methodology behind scanning people safely. Your information was actually more in-depth and technical than needed for the test. I really enjoyed the learning process. Thank you so much for a great program! I will refer back to it and do some of the additional learning on here to keep me fresh for the next many months until my subscription expires!

  • Angela Hardin

    I passed my test that i took in San Antonio!!
    The MRI Prep really helped a lot along with your review!!
    Thanks for all your help!!

  • Wrenn Wooten

    Just found out I passed my MRSE. Thanks for your help!

  • Violetta C.

    I find your course fantastic! I feel confident and know I will
    do well on my upcoming exam on Orlando. Thank you Matt!

  • Violetta

    Fantastic course material! Helped me brush up on my physics from 17 years ago and all the modules kept me engaged. I have a passion in what I do and this material was great. I feel very prepared for my MRSO exam. I will definitely continue revisiting certain sections and recommend this to everyone I know.

  • Daniel W. Kester

    Rite Advantage made it much easier to pass the MRSO exam. Very helpful.

  • Virginia Friedman, Florida

    I passed my MRSO exam thanks to your great course, review and prep. Thank you again Matt!”
    “Great info. I have been an MRI tech for 20 years, and I learned soooo much from this course!”

  • Heath M. Lucas

    I wanted to let you know that I passed the MRSE exam. I know that your course is designed for MRSO folks, but taking the course was absolutely relevant and extremely helpful for me.  I appreciate all the effort you have put into the course, and the extra efforts with the review sessions and Q&A sessions. Thank you so much.

  • Kristy Renzelman, Colorado

    The MRSO prep was excellent. I really like the PDF’s that you can view all of the different sections. The practice tests were very helpful.

  • Laura Vasquez, Illinois

    MRSO Prep simplified the complexity of MRI safety content. Whether taking the MRSO or not, this educational material is important and critical for everyone working in the MR environment to master. Matt is a great presenter and instructor. He’s a knowledgeable and factual resource that will guide you in the right direction. This course went way beyond my expectations.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in being educated in the area of MRI Safety and ultimately wanting to successfully pass the MRSO exam.

  • Mae Vandemark

    I highly recommend MRSO prep to all my colleagues who are seeking to successfully pass the MRSO exam. This is the only review tool I used to prepare myself for the exam and I had successfully passed the exam on my first try. I had learned so much and continue to use the knowledge I gained from this site. Thank you, Matt!

  • Pitre Chad, Louisiana

    I have not taken the exam yet, but this study guide provides the necessary basics and tools that I believe I will need to pass the MRSO exam. It comes highly recommended by a friend who took the course and passed on his first try.

  • Paul Hanny

    These study courses held a good amount of material. I have yet to do the mock exams, but there was definitely more information than I expected.”

    Great Course! I thought I would really put you to the test and signed up a month before taking the MRSO and MRSE exams. I was hoping to at least pass one exam, but with your help, I passed both in Las Vegas on June 5th.
    Thanks for being right on target with your test preparation and practice tests. I’ll recommend you to anyone who wants to take a prep course.
    Thanks Again!

  • Erica Goss

    I just wanted to let you know I passed the MRSO! I just want to thank you so much
    for your site, there’s no way I would’ve passed without this course. I will make
    sure to pass along to all the techs I know how helpful it is. More important than
    anything, I feel like I truly understand the information, it’s not just
    memorization. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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