Money Back Guarantee

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The following terms only apply to the MRSO Prep and MRI practice exam products.

Our products are designed to prepare anyone for passing their boards.  This means that customers must meet the following points in order to receive a refund of their purchase.

  1. All educational, practice and mock exams must be performed with a passing score in order for customers to be prepared for their boards. Therefore, all customers must have a passing score on all exams in order to receive a refund.
  2. The RITE Advantage Preparation gauge must show you are prepared for your registry exam. This gauge uses an algorithm based on your scores and time spend with material.
  3. A customer must register and take their registry / board exam corresponding to the product they purchased within 1 year of their purchase date.  Their passing scores received by completing the RITE Advantage product must be achieved within no more than 90 days of their registry examination date.
  4. Customer must fail their registry exam corresponding to the product they purchased within 1 year of purchase date in order to receive a refund.
  5. Customers who fail their registry exam must contact RITE Advantage within 30 days of taking their registry exam to inform them of their failing score.  A copy of their score should be emailed to [email protected] with subject line “Money Back Guarantee Refund Request.”
  6. Refunds are only eligible to the individual who purchased the membership and is requesting a refund.
  7. Refunds are not eligible to educational institutions or student/technologists participating in these programs.
  8. The refund of the membership is limited to the cost of the product minus processing fees
  9. Any extensions to a MRI or MRSO Prep membership forfeit the money back guarantee.

If all of these requirements above are met, a full refund will be mailed within 60 days of receiving a copy of a customer’s score.

Due to the difficulty of the MRSE exam, the money back guarantee excludes MRSE Prep.

Due to the limited information provided on MRSO Prep lite, the money back guarantee is excludes MRSO Prep lite.