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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each membership?

All memberships are for 1 year of access to all course content.

How many times can I take each quiz and test?

You can take all quizzes and tests as many times as you would like.

What type of continued education points do you offer?

All continued education points that come with this course are category A and are recognized by the ARRT.

What do you mean by money back guarantee?

For all courses that come with a money back guarantee, 100% of what you pay is refunded back to you if you do not pass your certification exam.

All you need to do is pass all educational content and mock exams on your RITE Advantage course and if you still do not pass your certification exam, you will get a full refund.

What is the best browser for this course?

The best browser for these is Google Chrome. 

What are Advantage points?

Advantage points are earned by completing educational milestones or other helpful tasks. These points are as good as money on our site. This means you can use them to purchase other courses.

When do I get this course shipped to me?

All RITE Advantage courses are available online. No content is shipped out. 

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes we do. Please contact us as [email protected] for details.

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