Earning Advantage Points

Author: Matt Rederer BS. RT(R) (MR) (CT) MRSO MRSE (MRSC)

Earning Advantage Points

We have been asked what the best way you can earn advantage points on the RITE Advantage portal. As you already know, these can be redeemed for additional educational content. These means you can purchase education by learning. The question we can ask ourselves now is how can I earn more points. The easiest answer is participation. The more you interact with RITE Advantage and other members, the more points you earn. In order to use the Advantage points, you have to have enough to cover the entire purchase or points can not be redeemed. Luckily, there are many ways to earn points.


When accomplishing section of learning, you will be awarded a badge. This represents a level of competency. With that level of competency comes advantage points. Since a badge represents a milestone in learning, it holds a big impact in terms of points. A member will earn 400 advantage points for earning a badge.


Participation is very important. Leaving a comment on a course, lesson, or topic can provide information for others. Asking a question in a group or forum as well can be helpful to others. Members are awarded 10 points per comment. These add up!

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There is valuable information in posts and forums that can benefit your education. By viewing post and forum content, you will earn more advantage points. Each view is worth 5 advantage points.


RITE Advantage is very confident in their claim to grow into the #1 MRI education portal, be they need your help. In order to get there, they need public awareness and a team of members. By referring others, you will be allowing others to benefit from the knowledge you have learned and in turn promote a more education MRI community. For referring others, individuals will be awarded 200 advantage points.

Now that you have a better understanding on how to earn more points, it time to get started. Login and start learning!

What is the Benefit of the MR Safety Officer

Matt Rederer BS. RT(R) (MR) (CT) MRSO MRSE (MRSC)

Posted: August 8, 2018


Recently added to the MRI field, a new certification for MRI technologist has arrived. The field of MRI has adopted the MR Safety Officer, the MR Safety Expert, and MR Medical Director. Each of these have been created with specific responsibilities to enhance MR Safety in the field. This concept is growing to not only promote safety and a chain of operations to make sure safe practices are followed, but also to promote efficiency in the workplace. By having specific roles, identifying MR threats, providing appropriate MR screening methods for implants/risks, we can increase productivity in the workplace. The MRSO can now relieve the time it takes an MR technologist to research implants and tie up their time doing thing not related to scanning patients.

The MR Safety Officer are being adopted by many organizations. This is due to the benefits of having one or more individuals with an in-depth understanding of MR Safety. This can improve throughput and processes to reduce the number of canceled patients due to assessing risk incorrectly. Working with a MR Medical Director, policies and procedures can be created and modified annually. The MR Safety Officer can make sure that these policies and procedures are not only followed but potentially provide audits to make sure safe practices are being followed by all staff. The credential MR Safety Officer also holds the knowledge to provide other means of training. The ACR recommendation is to have trained Level 1 and Level 2 MR personnel. These individuals are identified by the MR Medical Director. A trained and certified MR Safety Officer could be the individual who provides the necessary training to these individuals.

Also, the MR Safety Officer is a great resource for both the MRI team and radiologists. The certified MR Safety Officer is qualified in risk assessment for patients with implanted devices or other conditions. They have a knowledge of MR labeling and reducing risk in the MRI environment through proper practices and parameter manipulation. This can offer a large benefit to not only the technologist scanning a patient, but to the facility in terms of reducing risk to the organization. The MR Safety Officer can provide the risk assessment to the attending radiologist or MR Medical Director and a benefit-risk assessment can be performed by the physician.

When this risk-benefit assessment is done properly, patients can truly get the best care. When a trained individual provides this risk assessment, a true idea of what risks can occur to our patient can be identified. The level of knowledge that the MR Safety Officer has may be enough to reduce unnecessary cancellations of patients and promote confidence with the MRI department.

Another rule for the MR Safety Officer is improving throughput. When patients come across an MRI department with questionable implant devices, most facilities encounter a hold up while the MRI technologist investigates implanted devices or other risks to a patient. This causes delays not only with the individuals care, but the care of future patients as well. This can hold up an MRI department decreasing the productivity of the MRI department. Handing off this investigation to a qualified individual such as the certified MR Safety Officer can allow the MRI technologist to scan another patient and keep a patient flow moving through the MRI department. Therefore, only one patient is delayed instead of the entire MRI schedule.

In order to become a certified MR Safety Officer, a specific level of knowledge is expected. Currently, it is difficult to gain this knowledge because of the limited sources that are out there. There are many live MR safety courses and some online MR safety courses. The benefits of an online MR Safety course is that you can learn from the comfort of your home without the cost of flying to a location, hotel stays, and potentially a large cost to attend a seminar. RITE Advantage MRSO prep is an online MR Safety Officer preparation tool that provides an intense understanding of MR Safety which promotes an individual’s confidence and a safer environment for any MRI department. MRSO Prep has been ranked the number one online MR Safety Officer preparation tool and is responsible for hundreds of certified MR Safety officers.