About Us

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As the fields of Radiography, Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging continues grow, the need for qualified professionals are in high demand.  This means that we will find large competition when searching for highly knowledgeable and experienced technologists.  The key is education.

Many fly-by-night test preparation companies have attempted to fill this educational void, but RITE Advantage LLC has been educating, testing, and aiding colleges and professionals since 2008.  They have continued to reinvent itself and search for the best talent in all the medical imaging fields to structure the ultimate team of products that have been proven to help students pass their boards and provide knowledge that can be applied in their everyday career.


RITE Advantage LLC. strives to test the knowledge of students and professionals by educating through innovative means.


RITE Advantage LLC. stays focused on its mission and puts their customers first.

Future Goals

Maintain and develop products

Search for educated talented individuals to aid in the education of students and professionals

Interview with Owner

“We have met many obstacles on our way to create the best products on the market and always  put our customers first.  This was met with scrutiny from business professionals, but in the end, we have succeed in reaching our mission and can sleep well at night knowing that we have not compromised our vision in the process.”

Matt Rederer BS. RT(R)(MR)(CT) MRSO MRSE (MRSC™)