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As the fields of Magnetic Resonance Imaging continues grow, the need for qualified professionals are in high demand. This means that we will find large competition when searching for highly knowledgeable and experienced technologists. The key is education


Our mission is to prepare professionals in the field of MRI and support them throughout their career.


Continue to develop engaging courses for technologists and professionals to enjoy and retain what they learn. Then grow with them by supporting them throughout their career providing advanced imaging courses and continued education.

Interview with Owner

As a professional trying to study for my MRI registry 20 years ago, I quickly realized that there were not many tools available to study and pass my exam. I set out to learn as much as I could about MRI and documented everything. I sat for my exam and passed. A year later I was involved in an accident that left me visually impaired. At first I was afraid I would not be able to practice as an MRI technologist due to implants that I had received. I continued my research in MRI and learned that not only could I still practice as an MRI technologist, many others felt a lack of MRI knowledge as well. I felt a calling to share my research and knowledge. I teamed up with highly skilled professionals I truly respect and admire and this lead to the beginning of Radiologic Imaging Testing and Education or RITE Advantage.


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