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Preparing for the MR Safety Certification Exam

With increasing concerns associated with the safety of using MRI, the need to verify the credentials of the MR Safety Officer has become an essential requirement. MRSO online courses have become the first step to prepare for the MRSO Certification. It is evident that being an MR Safety Officer is an important responsibility and to pass the certification exam from the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety you need to be well prepared.

MR Safety Officer Online Training

MR Safety Officer online training is specifically designed for individuals who are either already working as or intend to become an MR Safety Officer or MRMD. With RITE Advantage, we provide you with all the tools and information you need to pass your MRSO exam on the first try. Our MRSO prep courses also offer significant help for the next step in your medical career.

Throughout the last three decades, MRI has become one of the most important diagnostic imaging modalities. Technological advancements have led to faster imaging sequences and improved field strengths of clinical systems. However, this has also resulted in an increased number of reported safety incidents. Get prepared for your exam with RITE Advantage.

What To Expect In The MR Safety Course

  • Static magnetic field risks
  • Artifacts and magnetic susceptibility
  • Time-varying gradient field risks
  • Time-varying RF field risks
  • Cryogen safety
  • Gadolinium safety
  • Guidelines and Best Practices


The static magnetic field in MRI is notorious for being a safety hazard. Unfortunately, without it, MRI is not possible. The static magnetic field can be created in different ways depending on the MRI unit. The one thing that all these units have in common is that they can produce a strong magnetic field which holds power to align hydrogen nuclei to its vector (the direction that the flux lines travel).

A concept that is important to understand in MRI is called Faraday’s law of induction. This describes the electrical current that is produced in a conductive material when placed in an environment of changing magnetic fields. Also, it describes the magnetic fields that are produced from electrical currents as well.

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